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Ophtalmology Glasses


Retinal Imaging

At M S Kalsi Opticians we are always looking for new ways to bring a more advanced eye test experience to yourselves. So we are proud to announce the REVO FC with AccuTrack - Real Time hardware eye- tracking (Banstead Only).


This is an all-in-one OCT and a Fundus Camera. Featuring full-fledged, high resolution OCT with hardware eyetracking and true color fundus imaging, the device offers ultimate versatility for time and space efficiency.

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive imaging test. OCT uses light waves to take cross-section pictures of your retina.

With the OCT, your optometrist can see each of the retina’s distinctive layers. This allows us to map and measure their thickness. These measurements help with diagnosis for glaucoma and diseases of the retina. These retinal diseases include age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic eye disease.

An OCT is useful in diagnosing many eye conditions, including:

  • macular hole

  • macular pucker

  • macular edema

  • age-related macular degeneration

  • glaucoma

  • central serous retinopathy

  • diabetic retinopathy

  • vitreous traction

The REVO FC truly is a non-mydriatic 12.3 Megapixel Fundus Camera capable of capturing ultra-high quality and detailed color images. The REVO FC Fundus Camera is fully automated, safe and easy to use.

The Revo FC is an all-in-one device. We can use it to take:

  • Full Color Fundus Images

  • High quality OCT images

  • A Biometry device - this will help us to monitor myopia in children

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