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Childrens Eye Tests

Most young children won’t notice they have a problem with their vision, while others simply wont admit to it. In most cases an adult will spot the child squinting or not performing as well as they can.

With more than 30 years of experience we have seen children from all ages for NHS and private eye sight tests.

Eye tests are not seen as compulsory by most people, and they feel they can get by. But in actual fact vision is one of the most important parts in everyday life and must be looked after.

As we want to help see a brighter future for every child we have devised a scheme that will offer eye sight tests from children to the age of 18. This will include a free eye test under the NHS and help towards spectacles or contact lenses if required.

We have a wide range of spectacles from those free under the NHS to designer brands, and also provide specialist lenses to suit the needs of each patient.

As standard we will provide several specialist assessments to ascertain the quality of vision and spectacle prescription.


Working With Schools In The Area

M S Kalsi Opticians can provide a letter of information to be given out to teachers and parents on our headed paper. This will highlight the benefits of regular examinations, which are covered by the NHS at our clinic. It will also include special offers that we can offer to students and children.


Appointments usually take half an hour


Children can also benefit from the enhanced Optomap imaging


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