• HYCOSAN® Extra

Hycosan® Extra includes a natural tear lubricant (0.2% Sodium Hyaluronate)

Hycosan® Extra provides relief for severe eye irritation, it is a highly viscous solution, with little or no blurring of vision

Hycosan® Extra offers patients a Preservative Free drop which ensures contact lens compatibility

Hycosan® Extra is delivered via the patented COMOD® system. This unique device dispenses a single calibrated drop with each click, and as such, it offers incredible value for money when compared to more traditional Preservative Free options 

Hycosan® Extra can be used for 6 months from first opening!

Key Ingredients:

  • 0.2% Sodium Hyaluronate

Product Information:

  • Preservative & Phosphate Free
  • 6 months sterility from opening
  • Our Hycosan products use a preservative multi-dose bottle to dispense our drops
  • Continuous Mono Dose (COMOD) Patented System
  • Contact lens compatible (except for VitA-POS)
  • 225 measured drops per Hycosan bottle
  • High-quality Sodium Hyaluronate (SH)

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